A Multinational’s General Offices with a local soul

A new office for a new era, that’s what led the FMCG Giant Procter & Gamble to move from its historical HQ at 95 Abdelmoumen Casablanca to a brand-new GO with a sea view.


Arriving at the scene, we scouted an amazing office, with no soul. And that is exactly what the GM (now VP) Franco Giannichi tasked us to do. Ignite the mighty soul of P&G NWA and its people in a new white space.


Coordinating the work with a multifunctional team from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Morocco, Fledge Branding and Design studio gave life to an office branding that captured the essence of how P&G North West Africa touches the lives of millions of people each day.

> Office Branding
> Environment Guidelines
> Image Curation
> Space Design